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Our family was looking to adopt a large breed dog that was willing to play and snuggle with my three teenage kids! And we found just the perfect dog for our family at Got Spots Etc Animal Rescue. Kathy introduced us to a 4 year old black Lab named Drake and it was love at first sight for all of us. He had come from North Carolina and had tested positive for heartworms, but Kathy had all his veterinary records and even had his medicine for the treatment. We have a small farm that has lots of space for a big dog to play and we were happy to coordinate his treatment with our veterinarian so Drake would be happy and healthy addition to our family. Kathy cares deeply for all the animals in her care and she shared all of Drake's journey with us, even his little quirks, like how he loves to move laundry around in the house! He has been with us now for almost a year and we can't imagine life without him, he has brought such joy and love into our home. And yes, he still likes to relocate any random sock or hat my kids leave on the floor, I think it is his version of playing hide and seek!

-Jen Field from Leverett, MA

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At first meeting, Kathy Hynes was a different sort of client. She was eager to get to know the way that I practiced medicine and interested in nothing but doing the best by the dogs in her care. I soon learned that each one of her charges was rescued from a difficult situation and lovingly cared for at her home in Western Massachusetts. The more that I got to know Kathy through her dogs, the more respect I gained for what she has accomplished through her rescue efforts. She has a practical but loving way of going about the work of canine rescue and she demonstrates commitment to that cause everyday.

Acquiring dogs that had been abandoned after auctions or natural disasters etc., Kathy takes in the animals that other shelters consider less adoptable. She works closely with the veterinarian and wisely invests limited resources to rehabilitate them mentally and physically. Dogs are adopted out to new owners when the dog and humans compliment each other in personality and energy level. Those dogs that never find that match, also never have to worry that they won’t have a forever home with her. At her property in Cheshire, MA, she provides adequately for all their needs and artfully manages their unique personalities. Every animal has a chance to really be a dog on a daily basis, interacting with suitable playmates and having time to run over acres of fenced pasture land in the beautiful Berkshire hills.

I am thankful to have had the pleasure of knowing Kathy through her dogs and I am happy for any dog that gets to spend some time or a lifetime with her because I know they will be fairly and lovingly cared for!

~Kathleen Carey, D.V.M. (Tufts V’16



We adopted our wonderful lab mix Lady from Got Spots a number of years ago.  Lady was without a doubt, one of the best dogs our family has ever had.  We first met Lady while she was in foster care.  We wanted a companion for our young golden retriever.  From the first moment we met Lady, there was no question that she was meant to be a member of our family.  She bonded with our golden immediately, and they were devoted to one another for their entire lives.  Lady had some basic skills when we adopted her, but it was clear that she could be so much more.  Within a few months, she earned her Canine Good Citizen title, and shortly thereafter, she became a certified therapy dog.  Lady and her “sister” spent many years visiting schools, nursing homes and participating in local community events.

It was at one of those community events that we ran into Ms. Hines, owner of Got Spots, many years later.  It was a happy reunion!  

We appreciate the time and care that Got Spots rescue gives their rescue dogs, and the careful consideration that is taken when placing a dog in a new home with a new family.   Lady and her golden sister have since traveled over the Rainbow Bridge, but we are forever grateful for the opportunity to have had her in our lives.

Eric and Linda Miller, Hillsdale NY



After putting our 14 year old dog down in October my husband and I decided in February it was time to get another dog. We started our search at the Berkshire Humane and  there was not a good match for us. The following day we got a phone call from them about a dog Kathy Hynes had for adoption. We knew that if the Berkshire Humane recommended her we could not go wrong. We called Kathy and set up an appointment to come to our house with Peanut. The minute we met him we fell in love and knew he was for us but the most important part was the love and dedication Kathy Hynes has for her dogs she rescues. She makes sure the animal is going to the proper home for the dog. She has become an important part of our lives as has Peanut. She has done so much to make us feel comfortable with our new baby.We now have a Peanut as our loving companion and Kathy Hynes as a new friend

Kathy and Eddie Pelkey



“After having a dog be a part of your family for 11 years the overwhelming sadness when you say "good bye" feels like an empty hole that can never be filled.  When our family experienced the loss of our dearly loved dog that is how we all felt.  When we decided to look for another dog we came across an article in the local Pet Paper.  We were interested in the dog in the article.  We called Kathy Hynes to discuss her article about the dog.  Sadly for us, we were too late.  She was already adopted (great for her)!  After a lengthy conversation Kathy had another dog that she thought might fit our family.  We were willing to give it a try.  We wanted the new dog to meet our other two dogs and check out our family and yard.  Kathy was very accommodating and said she would bring the dog for a "first visit".  That "first visit" went so well that 3 years later Brinks ( 10 years young at the time) has never left.  Do you believe in "love at first sight"?  Our family certainly does!  We also feel every animal deserves a "happy ever after" no matter the situation.  We are proud to have Brinks in our family and wouldn't be able to think of our life without him.  Thank you Kathy for helping our family heal through Brinks!

Wendy and Bryan Lamberton

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As a Pet Parent for two rescued dogs, I know how important it is that their rescue prepares them for a new home, while addressing any issues they harbor from their previous situation. Got Spot rescue operated by Kathy “Skippy” Hynes is a rescue that does this kindly and with training. Skippy brings these animals into her own home and loves them back to be ready for a new home. I know this because I have been there and met the dogs in her rescue as she explained each one to me and what they needed. It takes a special person to do this.

Skippy’s medical training and background enable her to recognize and address any medical issues these dogs have. She gets them veterinary care quickly so their body and spirit may both heal from whatever bad situation they were unfortunate to have experienced.  I plan to do other fundraisers for this good rescue for dogs. It’s a place where they are accepted, understood and loved into a world of kindness and good nutrition that they have not known. Got Spot is a worthy rescue and anyone who can support it even in the smallest way is doing a very good deed.

Patti Lawson, Pet Parent, Attorney, Author, Public Speaker

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JANUARY 29, 2020

We knew our dog Friday did not have much time left. Our other dog, a 10 year old Labrador, was going to be lost when he died. So we searched for a long time to find her the right friend. A dog of interest from Got Spots Etc was posted online, and I gave Kathy a call. She told me the dog wasn’t right for us. It was obvious she didn’t want to let her dog go just for the sake of her getting adopted. Rather, the right dog for the right family was very important to her. She suggested another dog that might be a good fit. We went to her house with our dog for a meet and greet, and Kathy and her dog drove the hour and a half to our house for a home visit. Her dog adored her! Even then we weren’t done – she wanted us to think about it for awhile. It was definitely a YES for us, and when we went to pick him up, Kathy shed tears as we left. She really cares about her charges and wants the very best for them. “Boo” has been with us for three months now and he is such a joy – he’s sweet and goofy, and the most loving dog. Thank you Kathy for our wonderful new family member. And thank you to all who are affiliated with and sponsor this great organization.

Karen Liberty

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Our family had been looking for the perfect dog for a while.  We were looking for a larger dog, out of the puppy stage, but less than 5 years old. We wanted a dog that would love us as much as we loved him, a loyal companion and a friend for our two sons. We had been looking online and decided we were going to use a rescue or shelter to find him or her. We came across and after looking through many, many dogs, my husband came across Bernard, listed at Kathy's Rescue, Got  It was love at first sight! We knew he was the one. He had such love in his eyes and was just stunning, Kathy's description of him was spot on, even with regards to his "quirks".  We love everything about him -- his demeanor and loyalty, and even the quirks that make him so very special and funny. He had been through a lot in his short life and Kathy was his angel that saved him. She was very thorough in making sure he was the right fit for our family and that we were willing to spoil and give him all the love that he deserves. He has been the perfect addition to our family and we can't imagine life without him.

With much love and gratitude!

The Prenguber Family

North Adams, MA

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