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Above all else, at Got Spots, Etc. our focus is on saving and improving the lives of animals. This commitment can be found in everything we do—from advocacy and education to rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Smarty Martey, PETS.jpg


1 year old beagle

Female. Fully vetted. HW neg. Micro chipped

Playful. Gets along with all dogs, kids, etc.

Crate trained. Walks fairly well on leash.

Still needs a little house training. 

Loves to cuddle.



Fully vetted male. HW neg. Pitbull Mix. Micro chipped. Approx. 7 years young. Is Smarty Martey's best pal. Happy. Follows basic commands.

Loves to play fetch and go for walks. Not sure about cats. He belonged to a homeless man for over 6 years. His master was critically injured and is now in nursing home.  Buddy would love to have a master again.

Adoption application is available HERE

Buddy, PETS.jpg
Harley, PETS.jpg


Fully vetted HW neg. 6 year old Lab-Weimaraner mix.

Micro chipped

Dog selective. NO CATS.

Excellent behavior all day in house.

Loves laying outside, car rides, walks, etc.

All medical records available.

Adoption application available HERE


2 to 3 yr old boxer mix. Fully vetted.

Completed HW treatment.

Playful. Good with other dogs. Does ok on leash. Loves adults and kids. Wants  to be with you. Housetrained. Crate trained. NO CATS.

She will be a really nice family pet or pet for single person.

Adoption application available HERE

Blossom, PETS.jpg
Connor, PETS.jpg


Male. Fully vetted. Approx. 5 years old.

Submissive male.  Afraid of gunshot noises. Playful. Good with dogs cats kids adults.

Crates well. Needs leash training .

Will make a super family dog.

Adoption application available HERE


Meet Betty she needs your help

Adoption application available HERE

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